WordPress websites that make you look like a star

Are you roaming in the internet vortex like a crazed business owner, trying to grow your business and make a difference in the lives of your dream clients while:

  • Figuring out WordPress and trying not to smash your computer to pieces
  • Spending hours and hours looking for the perfect theme and still not finding what you need
  • Pulling your hair out when you find out your chosen theme looks awful on mobile
  • Putting together your brand identity but knowing it lacks that cosmic spark
  • All the while feeling like the only thing growing is the vacuum of your social and family life.

If that’s you, you’ve landed on the right virtual planet.

Your website should do 3 things for you.


Your website is designed to capture leads and grow your business even when you’re not working.


Your website is mobile friendly and helps you reach more people wherever they are, on whichever device.


With a focus on modern design, your website will help you make a great first impression on your leads.

What people are saying:

“I consider Nora an integral part of my team, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without her. She is absolutely an expert at what she does. Everything I’ve asked her to do, she does well, and very methodically. She’s quick to reply and takes care of any glitches on my websites. She makes my entire web life work and I’d really be dead in the water without her!”, Hilary H.
“I have found building websites to be completely intimidating and not fun at all. But Nora really made it easy and I had fun in the process!”, Kaitlyn R.
“Nora is a rockstar and I will keep coming back whenever I need design work!”, Mike S.
“I would recommend Nora BIG TIME! She is a pro!”, Yusra E.

Your smiling WordPress design and development partner in crime

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