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Web design, development and branding of the homepage

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  • Home Recording Lab is a music recording blog that teaches readers how to set up a recording studio at home.
  • The blog is specifically aimed at males from 16 years old and above who listen to punk rock or indie rock. They’ve just started playing in bands and want cheap ways to record their own music.
  • The homepage is custom designed and custom coded. The website is built with the Rise theme from Thrive themes in WordPress.

Call to action section

Home Recording Lab’s homepage is designed to invite users to read blog articles as well as grow the list of email subscribers.

The layout of the page is conceived to guide users to the main call to action, in this case the blog button.

The mood of the design is young and fun but still classy and not stuck up.

The photography used in the design reflects the main focus of Home Recording Lab. It immerses the user into the recording universe straight away.

The logo and color scheme were chosen to appeal to the ideal reader. The colors are inspired by 80’s punk rock album covers and adapted to give off a modern vibe. The logo is a fun play on the blog’s name.

The website adapts to any screen size to make sure users have a smooth and consistent browsing experience no matter which type of device they are using.

Tablet and smartphone view

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This logo represents the earth and its axial tilt. That’s the angle between the rotational axis of the earth and its orbital plane around the sun. It’s the angle responsible for our seasons!