How to optimize your website for conversions

How to optimize your website for conversions

If your memory goes as far back as your high school history classes, you may remember a guy named Theseus. He did a whole bunch of stuff in Greek mythology and frankly, he shouldn’t be proud about half of it (but that’s just my opinion). In any case, one of his better-known shenanigans includes killing… Continue Reading

6 steps to speed up WordPress websites

6 steps to speed up WordPress websites

Why do you need to speed up WordPress and why do you need a fast website in general? Well, if you’re a human being in this day and age, you’ve already noticed that people don’t like to wait. You’ve also heard from marketers that our attention span is something like 6 to 9 seconds, which… Continue Reading

How to create a navigation menu in WordPress?

Creating a WordPress menu is the simplest thing on earth once you know how to do it. Before that point, it can cause you to give up on your hopes and dreams, tear your family apart and there’s even this rumor of a guy selling all his belongings and leaving for Thailand to become a… Continue Reading

How to choose web hosting?

My first experience with a web host left me with a sour taste in the mouth and dark circles under the eyes. I was super pumped to finally create a self-hosted website. I had thought about it for weeks and finally got my hosting plan. I logged in and tried to install WordPress a million… Continue Reading

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