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If you’re a business owner who loves modern and fluid design, you’ve landed on the right planet. You don’t have to live with website shame any longer. And you don’t need to spend months learning about tech stuff that make you want to bang your head on your desk.

You want to impress your clients and customers and your website is the perfect place to do just that. You want them to find the info they need right away. Or to be able to contact you easily. Or to buy your product or service without a single glitch.

Therefore the websites I create are centered around the actions you need and want your users to take. And I strive to find a common ground between beautiful design and useful design.

After getting my degree in musicology, I shifted to web design. Accordingly, I learned everything I know through online courses, web design blogs and talking to other web folks. And since the web world evolves faster than you can say “ewww”, I keep educating myself in this field every single day.

I also spend more time than I’m willing to admit on the internet learning about everything “space”, everything “tech” and watching cute cats videos. Some of my favorite places on the web include the Kurzgesagt YouTube channel, the Wait But Why blog and the ESA Hubble Space Telescope website. Despite what every one around me says, I still don’t consider myself a geek!

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This logo represents the earth and its axial tilt. That’s the angle between the rotational axis of the earth and its orbital plane around the sun. It’s the angle responsible for our seasons!